Frequently asked questions

Why choosing Youtterly?

Youtterly is a high-end brand specialised in fashion accessories, which want to be innovative and unconventional.

The name Youtterly comes from the compression of “You are utterly”. Because, to live fabulous adventures, one must always be utterly … audacious, unique, whole …

The particularity of the Youtterly house is to gather future-oriented skills and knowledge by:
– creating unique products, each conveying its own story.
– collaborating with craftsmanship of excellence.
– using innovative production means geared towards the future.
– using strategies that have proven themselves.

Youtterly has surrounded itself with various high quality associates by combining craftsmanship and innovation, to propose a completely new product relationship.

Where are Youtterly products manufactured?

The jewels are created, manufactured, entirely modified in the Kingdom of Belgium.
Each jewel in precious metal will be accompanied by an official certificate of authentification for Youtterly.
Most of our jewelry has two punches certified by the Office of Guarantees of the Belgian Mint.
You will find that the precious metal jewels (925 silver, 14 and 18 carat gold) have two State punches in accordance with the legislation in force.
The master punch is based on the producer who melts and sinks the precious metal: The one of our official supplier is barrel-shaped including a bulb. The title punch is chosen according to the type of metal used:
– For silver, it is an oval with the number 925
– For 14-carat gold, it is a diamond with the number 485
– For 18-carat gold, it is a diamond with the number 725
Here are the visuals of the different punches:

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the different precious metals?

Silver 925:
Silver jewels have different names in jewelry: sterling silver or 925 silver.

Composition :
The alloy of our silver product consists of 93% silver, 4% copper, 3% zinc.
Silver is therefore an alloy of several metals. Without them, silver in its pure form would be excessively soft and impossible to work.
Advantages :
It is the most affordable precious metal for all in jewelry.
Its color that blends easily, directly, is ideal for a first experience.
Disadvantages :
– Silver is easy to scratch.
– Silver always tarnishes
Unfortunately, any silver piece tarnishes after a while. We do not apply any layer of rhodium (we speak of rhodium silver) on our silver because eventually, any silver jewel will still have a patina. And we prefer to leave you the choice to customize or not your silver jewelry, assuming or not this natural tarnishing.

There are also many ways to maintain your silver jewel. For this, please consult our maintenance solutions.


Yellow gold:
Advantages :
Yellow gold is stronger than platinum or silver.
Yellow gold retains its color, unlike white gold and silver.
It is ideal for matte skin.
It marries generally less well with fair skin.

White gold:
Its color is close to silver, also called grey gold
Advantages :
It does not get scratched a lot, it is the hardest alloy.
Having a relatively neutral color, it can marry with almost any color.
Ideal for people who do not intend to worry too much about their jewelry.

White gold tends to slightly yellow. This is related to the yellow gold alloy and the other metal.
We do not apply any layer of rhodium. We prefer to leave you the choice to customize or not your jewelry, assuming or not this natural tarnishing.

Pink Gold :
Advantages :
Gold scratches less quickly than silver.
The color is less common, but very fashionable, that lasts in time
There is not really any problem, but if you really need a critique the atypical color that stands out does not bother you.

Without fuss or secrecy here is the composition of the alloys of our precious metals:

*Unité en millième

How to choose the size of a ring?

Be careful, if you are wrong in the size of your ring, a return at your own expenses will be possible for the product in precious metal and this in the measure of technical feasibility. In this case, please follow the return procedure. Otherwise, returns will not be guaranteed.

You do not know the size of your finger?
First of all, a little general advice:
Keep in mind that the diameter of your finger is not the same on its length and especially at the joint.

To measure the diameter of your fingers, we offer several solutions:

1. The best solution is to go to a jeweler’s, who will measure your finger with a ringsizer.

2. You do not have a ringsizer and would like to know the size of your different fingers?
We offer you in our shop to buy a ringsizer to know the size of your fingers that evolves during the day and during life.
The ringsizer will allow you to measure your finger at different times of the day so that you can wear your rings comfortably.
To do this, please consult a ringsizer .

3. You have a ring, type of wedding ring, but you do not know its size?
Please follow the instructions carefully, especially the printing instructions
Please click here to download and print a paper version of a ringer.

Summary of the solutions
– Go to a jeweller
– Size guide
– Buy a ringsizer
– a paper version of a ringer.

How to order easily?

Here are all the steps to order very easily:

– On the product page which you have chosen, you can select the appropriate option (for example the material-color, size ) for your product.

– Then click on “ADD TO CART”.

– Once you have selected all of your products, you click on the CART on the top right of the page.

– You now have the choice to click on VIEW SHOPPING CART if you wish to check it.
If not, you can directly click on CHECKOUT to place your order.

– In the shopping cart page, if you have a coupon code, you can enter the code in the foreseen place and do not forget to check the delivery method and to generate the “calculate shipping costs” and then click on “update the shopping cart”, then “Proceed with the order”

How to choose the delivery method?

Your order will be delivered to the address you indicated when placing your order.

You may have several delivery methods depending on the products and your location.

We assure the transport for the orders passed on the site Youtterly until reception of the parcel.

What are the payment methods?

There are several ways to pay your order:

By bank transfer:
In this case, you can just send us your bank transfer payment after having placed your order.
You will find the bank details by email. In case of worry, do not hesitate to contact us at
Upon receipt of your bank transfer, we send you a confirmation email and launch the ordering process.

Either via our online payment system Mollie:
You pay directly (without having to open an account at Mollie) with one of the following payment methods:
– Belfius Direct net
– Carte de crédit VISA,
– MasterCard,
– Bancontact / Mister Cach,
– KBC/CBC payement button,
– Paypal
– Paysafecard

For information, the Mollie service is an online payment service which has all the agreements, including the one of the National Bank of Belgium.

Which delays and why?

We recognize that you could find our delivery delays long, but this is due to our zero stock concept.
Why zero stock?
Our business concept is to generate affordable prices, to perpetuate our products and to avoid waste.
– If we had stocks with the large variety of finger sizes, we would have to produce with surplus and generate unsold items and therefore to pass on unnecessary additional costs.

– If we have stocks, we would be forced to limit our collections in time and this would not allow you to renew your damaged or lost goods.
– If we have stocks, it would require us to generate waste or having to destroy our products in case of surplus.
These are the reasons why we made this choice of zero stocks.

The fact of not having stock implies a qualitative information on changes in orders.

Indeed, when you place order, in principle, your product is not yet produced.

It is once the order has passed that we are producing the order.
Our deadlines depend hence mainly on the production.
That is why our delays are longer than average.
The production delays are also dependent on the materials selected, for example, for a gold ring it takes between 4-5 weeks of production and a silver ring takes between 2-3 weeks of production.

But to solve this, we will send you an order status in different steps, by e-mail:
1) Receipt of the order.
2) Receipt of the payment and startr of production.
3) Delivery of your parcel.
4) Order finished.

How to check the order upon receipt of the delivery?

1. Content of the parcel:
Each product has a “package box”.
In this “package box” there is another “box” (packaging) with the acronym and/or name of the registered trademark.
Inside the “box” there is:
• An authentication certificate inside the packaging or in the package box.
• the product with a sealed cord or a ribbon that allows to authenticate it.


Upon receipt of the order, the User must imperatively and carefully examine the products ordered and delivered. He must immediately report any apparent defects and / or any discrepancies with the contractual specifications, that is to say, all the defects that can be detected by careful and serious control.

2. Upon receipt of the parcel:
• Before validating its receipt with the carrier, the customer is obliged to check that the box outside package is not damaged (blow, tear …) of any nature whatsoever.
If this is the case, please take a picture of the closed parcel box clearly exposing the damage before refusing and returning the parcel to you carrier. Then we ask to send us the photo(s) within 24 hours by email to
In this case, do not open the package.

ATTENTION: No return will be allowed if the box product and packaging has been opened and / or damaged after validation of the carrier.

3. Upon opening of the parcel:
• If there is no damage to the “package box” you can open the packaging and check that the product has a label “sealed” (ribbon and/or cord) and that it is compliant.

*If the product has a “sealed” label (tape and / or drawstring), please try the product without breaking or damaging the “sealed” label.
• If the product suits you, you can break the “sealed” label.
• If the product does not suit you, DO NOT break the “sealed” label.
• Without breaking the “sealed” label, please contact us within 48h by e-mail at

We will answer you in order to present you the procedure of possible return according to article 9.
ATTENTION: If the product does not contain a seal and / or the box has not been reported damaged and / or refused delivery, no appeal will be allowed.

Any apparent defect must be reported to the customer service by registered mail containing a detailed description of any deficiencies accompanied by one or more photographs for the purpose of documenting them, and this no later than 48 hours after the delivery of the product.

Youtterly cannot be held liable for any damage resulting from an apparent defect affecting the delivered products, if it has not been informed in writing, within the aforementioned period, of the precise nature of the defects.

What to do if a parcel is lost or stolen?
To inform us as soon as possible by e-mail via this form online:

What are the conditions, the procedure and return fees?

Return conditions:
Returns are valid only for Belgium and France.
The return process described by email by our advisors and on the site must be respected.

• Products are returned in perfect condition without being worn or damaged.
• The sealed “cord and / or ribbon” attached to the product is still in perfect condition and has not been removed.
• Returned products are new, unused and complete (packaging, accessories, instructions, labels etc.), in their original box and perfectly intact. Incomplete, damaged, dirty, scratched products, even discrete will not be taken back under any circumstances.

• Our specialists confirm that the product (in particular the metal, the stone, the packaging …) and/or constitutive component are in conformity with the original of the product which was sent to you and that it did not undergo any damage, modification or intervention, including resizing.
• The products must be in their original packing, complete with the original of the certificate, a copy of the invoice and a goods return document, under penalty of inadmissibility.
• In addition, returns cannot be accepted if they correspond to a second consecutive return.

• Return is only possible for one product per order.
• Products that have already been the object, at the request of the customer, of a modification, customization or a specific request (example: resizing, color change …) cannot be returned.
• If certain special products are presented to the customer when ordering and/or on the internet page of the product itself with the mention: “non-returnable”, they can also not be refunded or exchanged.
• In addition, products sold outside the European Common Market are non-refundable and non-exchangeable due to the complications of sending valuables.

Return procedure:
If the conditions for accepting returns are met, you can follow the following procedure:

You will receive an e-mail containing a carrier’s label for the first return offered which also contains the instructions of the carrier to be complied with. In case of error on your part, no refund or exchange can be made.

For any return of package, you must return (s) by the carrier designated by Youtterly who will track and trace the package, following the scrupulous procedure of return.

Return costs:
• Delivery costs for the first return of an item are offered by Youtterly.
We will send you by e-mail the label to stick on the package.
• Other possible returns are the responsibility of the customer.

For orders addressed exclusively by professionals, please consult our general conditions of sale.

How to maintain jewelry

Plated Brass:

Like silver, brass is a “living” metal, it can tarnish in function of humidity and also if you use certain milks, creams, lotions …

The solution to prevent tarnishing: remember to remove your jewel before washing, bathing, playing sports, cleaning.
Avoid contact with water, perfume or any other chemical product.
After each use, rub your jewelry lightly and gently with a soft, dry cloth (microfiber).

Then keep the jewel carefully stored in a sealed box made of moisture absorbing materials including silica gel (a moisture-proof bag that we provide you in your packaging). Do not throw away the silica gel bags at the opening of the packaging, they will always be useful later and / or regenerate to be again moisture absorber.

So avoid leaving it in the bathroom too long and think about storing it individually because rubbing with other jewelry can damage it.

Cleaning :
Naturally with time the layer of gold layer on the jewel can attenuate and come off, if the jewel is much worn on friction areas with the skin and clothing.

Toothpaste cleaning is not recommended for gold-plated brass because it is too abrasive, it may peel off the ultra-fine gold layer.

In this case the only way to find back the shine is to redo a gilding of your jewel by sending it back to us or ask your jeweler to do it.

To clean it, it requires a very gentle and delicate treatment. A cotton pad moistened with a window cleaner or soak in water and a dish soap for 15 to 30 minutes and then rinse gently under water with a soft cloth.


How long does it take for a silver jewel to tarnish?
It depends on many factors: the humidity, the reaction with your skin, for example.

If you want your jewelry not to tarnish temporarily, it is possible to apply a thin layer of rhodium at most jewelers nearby you.

Our tips and tricks for the maintenance of your jewelry:
– Silver blackens:
This is caused by contact with certain elements such as water, perspiration, creams and perfumes … And it is impossible to prevent tarnishing
– Silver is easily scratched:
Silver is a less hard metal than gold and therefore it scratches much easier.
Already a micro-shock can damage it. The only solution in this case is polishing at a jeweler nearby you.
It seems obvious that silver is not suitable for people with little sensitivity, not very attentive, nor for a jewel worn every day.
Tips and tricks to maintain your silver jewelry and delay blackening:
1) Do not wear jewelry, wash dishes or wash your hands.
2) Always store your jewelry in a dry and airtight place.
3) To clean, use products specially designed for silverware.
4) For scratches it must be polished again and put a thin layer of rhodium at your jeweler.

White gold :
Over time, the white gold can slightly oxidize, losing slightly of this shine, see a slight yellowing.
To find its brightness and whiteness again, we advise you to apply a layer of rhodium at your jeweler.

Yellow and pink gold:
For a cleaning, we recommend a simple microfiber cloth (type for glasses). There is also a special cloth for gold.

You were wrong? No worries for setting the ring size

You were wrong? No worries for setting the ring size.

It is possible for you until 30 days after the delivery date to return to us a ring delivered in Belgium and in France to carry out a discount to size of your jewelry exclusively in precious metal (Gold 18 and 14 carats and silver) and ordered on the site youtterly according to our return procedures and / or our general conditions of salethe procedure of return included in article 9 of our general conditions of sale have been scrupulously respected.

ATTENTION to respect the instructions, the procedure and to honor the eventual return costs.

The delais to put it back top size are approximate 8 weeks.
Upon receipt of the products by the customers following the size discount, there is no more return allowed.

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